Whole Leaf Tobacco, Raw Tobacco, Roll Your Own Cigarettes, Processing Required, but Its Easy

  • whole leaf tobacco, no additives, all natural, no pesticides where used in growing

dried, cured and aged whole leaf virginia gold cigarette tobacco sold by the pound. process yourself ( its easy )and roll / inject your own cigarettes

this is a medium/ mild/ smooth tobacco in the order of camel and marlboro

you could even use this to roll your own mild/mellow cigars/cigarillos, or for pipe tobacco

we store, age and ship at 70 to75% moisture content, so this tobacco is ready to use as soon as you receive it.

one pound is enough to make 2- 2 1/2 carton of cigarettes

this is a smooth smoke, it is a medium dark leaf, all natural, no insecticides, pesticides where used in growing

processing is easy, if you inject your own filtered tubes

just take out the mid stem and discard, take a handful of destemmed leaves and chop up in a food processor ( check your comercial cigarettes for the

size you want, a little larger is o.k. )

depending on how much you smoke, you can get a cheap handheld injector for .00 or less (labor intensive) or a electric cigarette machine, where you can make a pack of cigarettes in 5 min. or less.

for r.y.o. cigarettes, discard mid stem and cut by hand into thin strips (again, labor intensive) or purchase a comercial tobacco cutting machine.search for the

“cuthof cutting mashine”. that’s the only one I found so far that does the job right. (under 0.00)

how to roll your own cigars/ cigarillos? you can find plenty of info on the web

save yourself a lot of money and make those cigarettes from scratch

disclaimer/ warning whole leaf tobacco, such as this, is not considered a tobacco product, by federal and state tobacco laws. processing whole leaf tobacco for your own use, is perfectly legal ! processing whole leaf tobacco for resale, is illegal unless you have a licence to sell tobacco products

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