Electric Tobacco Shredder

  • Powerful electric motor grinds to any consistency with ease
  • Razor sharp blades
  • Highest quality electric tobacco grinder available
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price

Need a finer consistency grind on your tobacco or herbs? The Electric Green Grinder/Shredder is the highest quality electric tobacco grinder on the market. Those little battery operated ones get jammed instantly and simply DON’T WORK!

Different from a Space Case in that it’s not as practical stealth wise, it’s meant primarily for home use (much larger than a SC), and it doesn’t separate the crystals. It may not be as cool as a Space Case either, but that being said it has a specific function and it does it to perfection.

It’s electric so it will grind any quantity to any consistency with ease. This is especially practical for people who vaporize, as a finer grind vaporizes more efficiently. It has razor sharp blades, it’s very affordable, and it’s very powerful. Unlike any other electric herb grinder on the market -we’ve gone thru many- this grinder will power through anything. If you’ve ever thought about getting an electric grinder this is the one you want.

To use simply drop the material to be ground into the stainless steel cup, place the clear dome lid on and press the green button.

List Price: $ 25.00

Price: $ 23.50

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