DIY e-pipe mod for under . Uses eGo/510 connector and 1200mAh battery. Takes about an hour to make. Here’s my shopping list with prices as of November 2011: Kalamazoo Vapor Shop – TrustFire Protected 18350 3.7V 1200mAh 2 Pack .99 (.99 ea) MadVapes – 3185 Empty Small eGo Tube

Conveniently for me my old JC Penny freezer just took a dump and I needed to make a kiln for fermenting my home grown tobacco. I was going to build one out of plywood but I now had this junk freezer sitting around so putting 2 and 2 together, I converted it to a well insulated kiln for my home grown tobacco. I got the heating pad from and the electrical cord and water-heater temp switch from home depot. The grommets are important when running the cord through the drilled holes or you could cut the wire and shock the hell out of yourself. Just lube the wire with some liquid soap first and it will slide on through fairly easily. I love the remote humidity and temp gage since I can now monitor the interior of the kiln without opening the door and jacking up the conditions in the kiln! This is my first fermenting of my home grown tobacco so in a few weeks when it is ready I will post another video with results. Also, the temperature control switch was found at home depot and is rated for 220 volts but works well on 120 volts fyi, you adjust the temp of the kiln directly with the tiny temperature knob on the switch. If needed consult an electrician to be safe. I used to be an electrician so I understand how to do that kind of thing. The book and dvd I used and showed in my video explain this better than I. is the website for some of the stuff I used to make the kiln and where I bought my seeds and tobacco flavorings. Lightening fast shipping to. And no

.59 MadVapes – 10516 Black Ego Cone with Silver Trim .99 Liberty Flights – E-Cig Battery Connectors eGo battery connector .59 Liberty Flights – E-Cig Battery Connectors eGo-T Electronics set .19 Ebay – 5″Haojue Large Briar Style Tobacco Smoking Pipe #50089 .99 Home Depot (Electrical Dept.) – Halex PVC ¾” snap-in bushing No. 27252 10-pack .90 (.19 ea) Home Depot (Electrical Dept.) – ACC ½” Knock Out Seal No. 26071 4-pack .26 (.32 ea) Home Depot (Plumbing Dept.) – # 27937 Hose Washer and O-ring Combo 12-Pack .19 (.10 ea) Scraps of Ethernet wire, electrical tape, solder, black spray paint. 12-1-2011 Update: I just got an eGo mega dual coil flat tip cartomizer from MadVapes, Soaked it in TopVapor Butter Rum overnight, and this thing tastes awesome and vapes like a beast!