Pipe Tobacco Dealers – The history of Tobacco Pipe Smoking

The customs, vocabulary and etiquette that surround pipe smoking culture vary across the world and depend both on the people who are smoking and the substance being smoked.
For example, in many places in Europe and North America, tobacco pipe smoking has sometimes been seen as genteel or dignified and has given rise to a variety of customized accessories and even apparel such as the smoking jacket, and the Pipe Smoker of the Year award in the UK.
The ceremonial smoking of tobacco or other herbs, as a form of prayer, is still practiced in a number of Native American religious traditions.
Cannabis culture has its own pipe smoking traditions which differ from tobacco pipe smoking. For example, unlike tobacco smokers, cannabis users frequently pass a single pipe among two or more partners.
In recent years, “hookah bars” have appeared in college towns and urban areas in America and Europe.

Famous pipe smokers

A number of real and fictional persons are strongly associated with their habit of pipe smoking.

Albert Einstein was known for smoking a pipe. He once said, “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.
Earl Bertrand Russell.
Sherlock Holmes is explicitly described as a pipe smoker.
Another fictional character, Santa Claus, is described thus (1839): “The stub of a pipe he held clenched in his teeth”.
Joseph Stalin with a pipe was a common image: “Photos of him appeared daily in the Soviet press, now in genial pipe-smoking profile, now walking with his comrades…”
J. R. R. Tolkien loved pipe smoking; The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings have several detailed scenes of characters engaging in it, and even describe distinctive blends of manufactured pipe tobacco products.
Sandro Pertini (President of the Italian Republic 1978-85).
Harold Wilson Prime Minister of the UK
More examples can be found in the Pipe Smoker of the Year list.